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Tulsa Catering & Events

We make your event a masterpiece. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful Tulsa catering and event venue for your wedding, private party, graduation, anniversary reception, or any other celebratory occasion, The Campbell Event Centers has just the spot for you. Our two unique meeting centers offer everything you need to make your day memorable. Leave your guests in awe.

You can select your own caterer or let us help you in the selection process. Our team partners with the best caterers in Tulsa. We select the perfect catering company based on your event request. No matter what you need to make your day the best it can be, we are here for you. Need help with the decorations? No problem - we are equipped to help! There is no other Tulsa catering and events center that provides the level of detail that Campbell does. We also offer great meeting spaces for corporate events and holiday parties. The possibilities are simply endless.

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